Monday, 20 December 2010

Crystal Formations...

My latest project has been about crystal formations, I'm really interested in fractals and how maths and science regulates nature. The past 3 weeks I have really focussed on using crystals and natural mineral formations and I have been trying to use them in an unconventional way. Being very interested in jewellery design I wanted to break away from the usual uses of crystals in jewellery-such as in stone setting in rings, and I wanted to try and relate them to the human body in a more natural way. This entailed using the negative space and small crevices created by a human and fill them with crystals like they would usually grow in a cave.

From this research I decided to make a shoulder piece of crystals...

These were my first trial ones, I etched into the metal using a scribe and riveted them at the top, however I haven't yet made it into a proper shoulder piece as I need to make one from the other shoulder and I am going to join them with a chain across the body.

My second method of using the body as a cave was to fill the gap between the arm and the body, I did this by printing crystals onto a piece of fabric, pleating it and fanning it from the sleeve to the body. I am quite pleased with how this cam out.

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