Monday, 20 December 2010


So I've finally gotten round to posting some of the photos from my exhibition that happened in the summer. I used a freehand machine embroidery technique to create them but unfortunately I didn't get photo's of all of them before some were sold.


Crystal Formations...

My latest project has been about crystal formations, I'm really interested in fractals and how maths and science regulates nature. The past 3 weeks I have really focussed on using crystals and natural mineral formations and I have been trying to use them in an unconventional way. Being very interested in jewellery design I wanted to break away from the usual uses of crystals in jewellery-such as in stone setting in rings, and I wanted to try and relate them to the human body in a more natural way. This entailed using the negative space and small crevices created by a human and fill them with crystals like they would usually grow in a cave.

From this research I decided to make a shoulder piece of crystals...

These were my first trial ones, I etched into the metal using a scribe and riveted them at the top, however I haven't yet made it into a proper shoulder piece as I need to make one from the other shoulder and I am going to join them with a chain across the body.

My second method of using the body as a cave was to fill the gap between the arm and the body, I did this by printing crystals onto a piece of fabric, pleating it and fanning it from the sleeve to the body. I am quite pleased with how this cam out.

Portfolio Photos...

So I've just sent off my UCAS and already I'm panicking about going to interviews and showing my work. I know that at least one of the uni's that I've applied to requires and on line portfolio so I need to document all of my work really well.

I found some of my older work based on the theme of superstitions and so I've taken new photographs of first the developmental sketchbooks and then some of the more final outcomes of the project.

From this development I created some small saki cups to drink tea from, glazing them with tea leaf patterns that predict a good and happy future for the user. Here are the photographs of the cups, not exactly how I wanted them to turn out but for my first go at throwing a pot I'm pretty leased with them...

Following this idea I decided to make some tarot cards continuing the theme of telling the future and superstitions.

My ideas developed towards creating my own tarot cards to predict the future using old wives tales and superstitions but in the form of cards. I tried to use mixed media; one lino print and one original photograph to create each one and then use the flattened image to print onto the card. I then printed four of each card to create a full set of cards.

For my final piece I made a uniform using the same theme I created badges a uniform and some jewellery pieces...

Friday, 3 December 2010

Snow snow snow ...

There has been tonnes of snow here in Essex and so I haven't been able to get into college for the past 3 days , so instead I've been busy documenting the growth of the icicles from my window, and photographing my work ready to pop in the old portfolio.

 I've been trying to photograph my work well so that I can easily put them into my folio especially now that uni's have been asking for on-line folios this year. I've photographed my last project from A level which was focussing on looking at superstitions and a couple of things from this year just to start me off so here they are..

 This final picture is off my newest project which was focusing on skills, in the initial stages of this project I tried many different skills such as knitting and crochet but I finally decided on cross stitch. This was a fun concept based on loaning peoples shoulders to sleep on during the long journeys home and is effectively a cushion which attaches to the head. I also had to communicate my idea as part of the brief and I chose to make this little zine.

Here are also some new photographs of my preparation running up to the creation of this little cushion, I initially started thinking that I wanted to knit my little cushion, but then when I tried it out I realised it didn't lend itself to what I wanted to do with it. Nevertheless I ended up with these really cute knitting samples.